The Long Road

It is said that nothing is ever written, but rewritten. Life is a constant process of change and with that brings new ideas and new technologies. There was a time when making a movie used to be out of reach to most filmmakers just starting out in the business. In todays world, that is no longer the case. Of course the ‘Hollywood Studio’ is still seen as the ‘holy grail’ for filmmakers longing to get that studio deal. The studios have the muscle and the monoply with distribution and finance and access to investors with very deep pockets.

With a ‘format’ that is tried and tested, it is almost impossible to break into new genres of filmmaking. With the ‘old boys network’ still very much in place, stories that lie outside ‘mainstream’ society rarely get to see the light of day, leave alone having a theatrical release, unless they prove their worth at prestigious Film Festivals.

Put all of that together with the complexities of ‘Returns of investment’ ‘Licensing’ ‘P&A’ ‘Marketing & Distribution’ and add that up with the ever changing access to content, either by way of smart phones, or network subscriptions such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon etc, the telling of stories and the translation of those stories into a film is still a long lonely road for the independent filmmaker. But, what remains constant is the need for ‘great content’ and ‘great stories’.

The landscape may be changing but the demand for quality driven productions is still extremly important. This is where we come in.



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