Over the course of his 20 + year career as a writer, director and producer Carlisle Antonio, CEO of Red Man Films has worked extensively with prestigious broadcast and media organizations such as the BBC, the American Indian Film Institute, Turner Network Television (TNT), Icon Films, Channel 5, Disney, National Park Service and many others, to bring powerful stories to audiences around the world. A rare breed in the pool of international filmmakers working in the industry today, Carlisle is someone who learned how to successfully balance his creative vision with the business side of bringing a project to fruition as a producer early on in his career. Watch the trailer ‘Alaska’ below

Spirit Speaks

A journey through the heartbeat of sense and wonder….


In God’s painted landscape I rest my soul. An introduction to the great state of Alaska. Produced, Directed & Filmed by Carlisle Antonio for National Park Service, Alaska.

All Music composed, arranged & performed by Carlisle Antonio


From Europe to S.E.Asia, United States to Cuba, Latin America to the Yucatan, additional samples of our work.

All Music composed, arranged & performed by Carlisle Antonio



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