Bremner Moon

In the womb of my mother the Earth shaped and created by the sun and the moon, the stars and the winds are my lodges of refuge.

The entire universe is my home. Every cell in my body is made up of the entire universe - so the universe flows through me and through you and through every thing.The spirits of time travel through these ancient pathways and need no human construction from which to enter or leave. For spirit has no form or shape - it exists like the wind. Our recognition or cognizance of that is irrelevant, because it just is.

Shape shifting into fields of energy that drives the universe and connects us directly to galaxies through waves of light.The journey inwards is where everything begins.Race, religion, tribe, color, geo-political boundaries are distractions of the outward that serve little purpose to the ultimate reality. Because all they do is exclude everything that doesn't belong and maintain the false notion that their ceremony, worship, philosophy ideology is better than their neighbor's and therefore 'exclusive' in their nature.

The fundamental truth of all life is that Life is 'all inclusive' - For under the sky and on this planet, every form of life organic and inorganic exists side by side....

Therefore we don't need evangelists, God prescribers, virtue signalers, religious icons, prophets, medicine men or women or acts of worship to make us better human beings. Nor do we need teachers and followers. For their sole purpose is to direct you to look for answers outside of yourself, whether it's in this God or that ceremony or this geographical location or that book...... .when everything that we need to know is contained within us.

All the answers and questions and answers to those questions lie within us. Life is about seeking this truth. All these other distractions have one thing in common which is - they prescribe mistrust and distrust in our own being, whether its through an act of ceremony or sacrifice or worship, because all of those man made inventions are created through the basis of fear, doubt and insecurity at a time when people lived in caves and smaller villages and communities with the constant threat for survival.

Understand this, understand life. For the time has come to collapse the heavens and the hells ! For only the dead know if there is a heaven. All those who speak of the afterlife, must therefore be already dead.

For the purpose of life is life itself. Remember you have already been trusted with 'Life' by being born.



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